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"As an interior designer, finding talented, hard-working and reliable contractors is imperative for the success of my business. In reality, this is easier said than done. The day I met Josso on a job, I instinctively knew this was a contractor who stood out among the rest. Not only is Josso talented, hard-working and reliable, he's also an excellent communicator and his positive demeanor makes him a pleasure to communicate with! Josso is the consummate professional. He takes pride in his work and it shows in the finished product.

Recently, we decided to add a screened porch to our home. Upon calling three contractors, Josso was the only one to follow up immediately and returned phone calls promptly. He was not the cheapest bid, but I believe you get what you pay for. We hired Josso and that clear communication continued throughout the job. He keeps you updated during permit approvals and throughout the entire project. Josso and his team are polite, professional and work hard to make the client happy.

Josso completed our screened porch today and it looks absolutely beautiful! Josso used his excellent carpentry skills to add architectural details that give the porch the timeless, classic look we wanted. He listened carefully, and turned my vision into reality. Once we saw how beautiful the porch was going to look, we felt we needed equally beautiful steps, a pathway and patio. Josso and Jose gave us stunning bluestone hardscaping that compliments the porch perfectly! We now have a beautiful addition to our home and backyard that we will enjoy for years to come.
The process of renovating is never easy but Josso and his team made it as stress-free as possible. I look forward to continuing to use Josso Carpentry on my client's projects as well as my own.
Thank you, Josso, for exceeding our expectations on all levels! We couldn't be happier!"


-Michele Taylor

"Josso is an amazingly talented and meticulous carpenter, and he works with his brother who has a lifetime of experience. He's been doing all sorts of work in my house, and he is excellent. 


I live in a very old house, so everything needs to be done custom, and he has added tons of value to my home by finishing the stuff others left undone because they had no patience, because they didn't have the tools, because they didn't have the know-how, or because they had no shame. He's added moulding so that rooms look finished and uniform, refitted doors so that they close well, added custom saddles so that the differences in floor heights don't show, custom shoe mouldings so that seams don't show. His work has made my house look right, but not much of what he has done calls attention to itself. 


He's also made suggestions for work that I didn't realize could be done that has made a world of difference. He will tell you about the battle we had over the dining room moulding. I thought he was jacking up the bill, and I had to eat my words 


No person or contractor is perfect. I don't mean to imply that. He worked in the center of my house while my dogs and I lived in the middle of what he was doing. There were times when the dust and dirt he tracked into my house seemed to me as if he was being thoughtless. But at the end of the day, I am glad that his mind was on his work instead of his footsteps. I could take out the vacuum cleaner and get rid of the dust. 


The housing boom helped to clean house in the industry, so that only the crafts people and the professionals survived. He is one of them. He earned my respect and that of other contractors who worked next to him. I will never stop being grateful for what he has done for me at very fair prices."



"I just wanted to sincerely thank you and your team for all of the efforts you put forth for my complete home renovation project.  Although there were some unexpected incidentals, you managed to recover in a short period of time to keep the project on schedule and on budget as much as possible.


After the complete gut out of the house, it now meets current electrical and plumbing building codes.  These upgrades are extremely important in an older home since the demands on electricity are greater today than in the past.   Once you were completed with the project, my home is both simply elegant and efficient.   I really enjoy the comforts in its entirety.


You are an exemplary master craftsman.  Others should take a page out of your book.  If  I  had the opportunity to do so,  I would rise to the occasion to be a student of yours.  This project was a valuable learning experience for me.


Once again, I thank you and I am looking forward to doing future business with you should the needs arise. Also, if you need any references please contact me."


-Joan Castillo

"Josso Thomas has been a trusted neighbor, friend and contractor for fourteen years. He has done a lot of work in my home. As are most of the houses in Maplewood and South Orange, ours is an older home, built in 1896. Josso's work incorporates modern conveniences while maintaining 19th century character.


Josso's work for us includes the following:

-designed and installed built-in bookshelves for our kids' room;

-designed and installed two custom fireplace mantels for the kitchen and entryway foyer;

-installed crown molding in the kitchen, den and master bath;

-milled and installed the wooden ring on claw foot tub in the master bath;

-installed recessed and under cabinet lighting in the kitchen;

-installed backsplash tiles in the kitchen and floor tiles in two bathrooms.


I've found Josso's carpentry work to be impeccable. His attention to detail and passion for his craft show through in every job. I've never seen any person get so excited about wood! He often goes above and beyond the call of duty, because I believe he wants every job to look spectacular when finished. I highly recommend Josso for any construction or renovation projects you might have, and I've always found his prices to be reasonable."


- Rochelle Christie

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